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Historical sound reconstructions
Restoring the past

Trained as a sound engineer, I develop spaces and sound frescoes to enhance heritage through spatialized and immersive audio reconstructions.n

... through sound

Reconstruct the sound of the past and enter the sound life of our world.

The topic :

. ARCHEO-SOUND is an original concept of technical engineering services for historical sound reconstruction and the development of audio frescoes to enhance the value of heritage in-situ
(audio-spatialized and immersive reconstructions).

Let's get in touch for your project

Merci pour votre envoi, une réponse vous sera adressée dans le meilleur délai

. Each project, requiring rigor and coherence, is based on research validated by historians and archaeologists, and allows the past to be superimposed on the present; the audio reconstructions of scenes in which the immersive illusion is alongside the real, also highlighting the soundscape of the past in cities, street corners, ports, places, emblematic, museums, etc...

To find in support of science what the sound of yesterday was...

. From the sound of vintage shoes on a certain type of floor, to the sound of carpenters in the neighborhood, or blacksmiths on the next street, we analyze and recompose, as if on a painter's palette, the melody of the sounds that residents heard in their daily lives, at this precise place in the ecumene, 100 years ago, 200 years ago, or more.

. This approach allows us to put into perspective the place of the citizen in his city, as a dynamic and constantly changing landscape, yesterday and today.

Drawing from the past like a painter's palette...
A collaborativ approach

. It is based on a transdisciplinary cooperation deployed in each project with local experts; it combines science, history, tourism and digital economy, calling upon the vectors of poetics as much as those of local and endogenous history; it is a true sociological philosophy of period sound.

. It puts at the disposal of the public a large panel of declensions which can touch at the same time the field of the research in immersive culture, teaching, pedagogy, museography, as of the ludo-touristic sphere...

For which uses ?

Sound productions for various purposes :
. Broadcasting on mobile media for the general public (flash QR code from tablets, smartphones...) for a new perception of the place.
. On the websites of communities, heritage associations or museums to discover and/or accompany historical archives
. QR codes to flash in the street to restore the atmosphere of the past of this exact place
. Within the framework of tourist routes on key sites and heritage
. During festivals and public events, on the basis of posters and or circulating documents
. In documentary films and / or immersive podcasts...

. To help disabled people to better understand the reality they are diving in
. Setting sound of photographs or old paintings


Preparatory work technique

. A well-framed scientific guarantee:
This work, based on a true archaeology of sound, allows us to recontextualize the audio landscape of the time and to restore the past through sound.
To do this, we collaborate with experts in their field: sociologists, historians, ethnologists, archaeologists, urban planners, etc., with whom we validate each sound embedded in our productions.

. Modelling the sound according to the environment:
Based on the techniques of the ''audio engines'' in the field of the creation of video games, the universes that we work respect the acoustic effects of the places and reflect with the most possible precision the audio rendering of a street, a place, an entrance of castle, a room decorated with woodworks or stones, etc.... This is called "binaural" sound.

​. Facilitating access to sounds in all kinds of environments
The sound frescoes are thus understandable and easy to access by scanning QR codes positioned at the desired locations. The public can also access the sound resources through photographs (on websites or in the street) or directly on site at the precise location corresponding to the sounds produced.

Easily accessible augmented reality

Augmented reality is the technology that integrates virtual elements into reality via a medium such as a smartphone.
It revolutionizes the art and tourism sector by improving the user's experience and making visits more fun and original.
The media we propose accompany and enrich this offer without limit and remain updateable without difficulty.

Recomposing a sound is to adopt an ''audio-ethnographic'' view

In our visual civilization the auditory perception was for a long time pushed aside in favour of images and animations.
During this time, the spatialization of sounds has been maintained by the advent of stereo and synthetic sound effects. However, many works have been done on the recovery of sounds in certain urban environments for the comfort of residents. Sound has thus remained a major concern in the field of psychology and well-being. It is for this reason that the perception of sounds is often similar to the image of visual perception: we use backgrounds and figures :
  . The figure as a central point of interest
  . The background as a frame or context...
To these 2 techniques is added a third component: that of the field, which indicates the place of recording


The reconstitution of a sound also characterizes an attitude : that of knowing how to listen to the world.
It also invites an environment to restore us an image conveying a sense and an identity, through which we can distinguish a relevant organization of its constituent elements.
(World Soundscape Robert Murray Schafer). A positioning, aiming at approaching the man and the world from the sound dimension, one speaks then about a glance ''audio-ethnographic'' on the world.

What is ''binaural sound'' ?

A binaural sound (''sign. ''adjoining the 2 ears'') is to reproduce a sound perception as natural as possible, and this by using headphones from his smartphone.
The perception of sounds varies according to the intensity of the sound sources, their distance and their angular position in relation to our 2 ears. The principle is based on the management of sounds (right / left / high / low) in each ear so that the experience is as similar as possible to that, that the ears perceives when they listen to a natural sound scene.
Binaural sound is based on a detailed sound construction recipe adapted to the morphology of the human head. This sound production technique guarantees a totally natural three-dimensional reproduction and incomparable spatialization.
It allows the construction of a sound image perfectly similar to the way the listener naturally perceives sounds and in this way allows virtual immersion.
The sound scene thus worked, recontextualizing spatiality and realism, gives the listener the impression of being truly enveloped by the sound. This immersive technology facilitates the distinct placement of sounds in space, wherever they come from.
It is compatible with any hi-fi headphones and in-ear monitors.

Because the brain is not infallible...
Neuroscience techniques tell us that we only use 10% of our brain; binaural sound exploits this small flaw in the brain and manages to play between what constitutes the right brain (creative) and the left brain (more rational), creating illusions of sound and spatial immersion...

Development process
. For the production and recording of the original sounds we do research in the territories and we go on site when needed
. To reduce production costs we also travel to film sets and historical reenactments
. To optimize our carbon footprint we use cross platform development as often as possible.
. We dedicate a shared online agenda for each project
. We organize as much as possible our meetings by video-conference
. We place the productions on the client servers
. We systematically grant the rights of use and exploitation 100 to the customers

. Stereophonic sound files compatible with all sound systems (smartphones, etc. ...)
. Downloadable from all sound platforms (including websites and QR codes installed in public spaces)
. The sound palette of analysis of the place concerned
. The results are delivered with their complete database and the soundscape


SYMBOL of the
blurred borders

. Find in each piece of history, in each place, the sounds that tells a story within the story...
. To compose and orchestrate the whole
. The figure as a central point, the background as a context...
. Apprehend and validate the historical data
. Recreate places through immersive
. Re-listening to the world's past
. Broaden and deepen the heritage offer of a place
. With the support of science, recompose the sound of yesterday
. Putting the city in perspective, as a dynamic landscape

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed

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